"Adult Swim has a remarkably welcoming conversational voice. The headlong rush is intoxicating, and many poems veer off or abruptly end, though the party continues, having never left off, on the next page. Then suddenly, something stark, something beautiful or devastating stops you. Hartley’s range is exactly what you want from a book of poems—the range of a life."
Matthew Rohrer

"Heather Hartley's Adult Swim is a joy to read. If a book could be a pool party thrown by a playful, chatty hostess in a mermaid costume, sipping champagne and slipping seamlessly between French and English with breathless energy, this would be it!"
Dorianne Laux

"One part mermaid, one part flâneur, the voices of Adult Swim celebrate other-com. Heather Hartley's organic, intimate collection pairs the seduction of transgression with the rigor of argument. Can champagne wash away the taste of chemo? Can we tap-dance away insomnia? Her image-rich landscapes range from Budapest to Paris, from Naples to Pittsburgh, and from the mythological to the contemporary. These irresistible poems invite us to sniff "the nape of a Friday's neck." Come closer, and breathe deep."
Sandra Beasley